About us

Welcome to your Apprentice Hub.

The idea came from Illesse, an apprentice working for Sandwell Council. Her idea was to bring apprentices together and show case how great apprenticeships really are to help dispell the myths and stigma. She got together with our marketing team and other apprentices across the West Midlands and pushed the idea from concept to fruition. Everything you see,  from the design, the branding, the advice and the generic content was created by apprentices.

Illesse ImageIllesse said: ” I love being an apprentice within the public sector. It’s pushed me to flourish and earn my wings. Creating this site has been an incredible opportunity for me and is my first experience of managing a big project with multiple work streams. I m really proud to be able to take ownership and make the decisions to bring the site to life.

In terms of being an apprentice, there’s never a dull day in the office and I now feel more like an experienced member of the team than a new apprentice. It’s an amazing feeling seeing your ideas turn into projects and I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.”

So, feel free to look through her dream, take from it what you need and, remember, the team are constantly updating the content with new tips, advice and stories from other apprentices so make sure you check back. If you want to be part of this project then let us know by contacting us at hub@wmemployers.org.uk